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Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator – 11 Tips for Your Potions & Map

If even Geralt of Rivia stops by your store, you seem to be doing something extremely right as an alchemist...

Brewing and selling potions. What might sound a little monotonous at first glance becomes a magical adventure with tremendous depth and a high addiction factor with Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator. In order to avoid unwanted poisonings (or cures), we would like to help you out with this guide and helpful tips.

We know them from games like Diablo or World of Warcraft: Healing and other potions on every corner. But someone has to make them. This is where Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator comes into play to meet the never-ending need.


What makes Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator stand out?

As the name suggests, it’s all about making *drum roll* potions. In the spirit of a simulation, the game goes into great depth regarding their preparation, and the player has the possibility to create, just to give you a small list, healing, mana, poison, fire, and even love potions, which stimulate the libido. In beautifully drawn historical 2D graphics, you collect, buy and sell ingredients and brew the potions that the customers want you to make. A particularly innovative feature is the “Alchemy Map”, which is a visual representation of the potion-making process. Release your inner hobby alchemist and brew your first healing potion today. You can grab a copy of Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator via Steam or play it on Xbox Game Pass. Not sure yet? Get a glimpse with the following trailer:


Potion Craft just left the Early Access phase on 12/13/2022, and the game is in a very solid and also adorable state. Besides, the developers already promise a lot of new content in the future, so you can stay tuned!


Potion Craft Beginner’s Guide with 11 helpful tips

To make the start less bumpy for you as an apsiring alchemist and get you into the art of brewing as quickly as possible, feel free to check out these 11 tips:


Potion Craft map basics

The large old map provides you with a very helpful visual method for crafting a variety of different potions, such as healing or mana potions. As you select the different ingredients in your inventory or drag and drop them, you will see the dashed path of your desired potion, which can be seen in the map’s center, change and align in a certain direction. Above your inventory on the right side is a small compass icon that shows you which direction you need to “brew” in order to make a fire potion, for example. The different sorts of potions (what effects they will provide) are shown in icons on the map. You have to craft them as accurately as possible using the right ingredients and the right brewing method in order to create a special high-quality potion. But don’t worry: If you fail to make a potion, you can “water it down” again with the help of the water spout and get back to the starting point of the map. In any case, the in-game tutorial is very helpful to for learning the basics.


Sell as much as you can in the beginning

At first, it’s all about accumulating money. Everyone starts small and so your focus, in the beginning, should be to sell as much as you can to your clientele, no matter what it is.

In the same historical-looking 2D graphics, we look at the sales counter of Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator. At the bottom center of the image, you can see a weighing scale with money coins on the left and a poison potion on the right. Above it is the current price "29 gold coins". Above that are three green interaction bars shown that say "Sell for 29", "Haggle" and "End Dialogue". These bars refer to a dialog text of a customer standing on the left side of the scale who is about to be served. He is wearing red clothing and has short gray hair. To his left is a knight who outwardly resembles Geralt of Rivia. He wears long white hair, and green armor and has a sword on his back. On the right side, there is again an inventory with various potions of different colors.
Customers in Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator (Source: niceplay game/tinyBuild)


Buy cheap and sell high as often as possible

In Potion Craft, there is the possibility to haggle. This allows you to sell your offered potions at higher prices while keeping your expenses as low as possible. Also, you should remember to buy certain items and ingredients that are marked with a discount (the green arrow pointing down). Often these are rare ingredients as well.


Invest in ingredients that are in demand

Often, the expensive ingredients aren’t even necessary – you can achieve your goal on the menu with an inexpensive red mushroom, for example.


Increase your awareness of the map

There is more on the map than just the various effect goals. For example, you can also encounter various dangers on your brewing path, such as whirls that can suck in the potion. Avoid these zones as best you can to protect your potion crafting process.


Harvest your garden regularly

You have constant access to an enchanted garden where many different mushrooms and plants grow. Visit your garden regularly to harvest herbs such as Firebell, Terraria, Windbloom, and Waterbloom, which are the base for many potions. Plants that aren’t harvested are lost, but new ones grow the next day. In addition, rare mushrooms can also be found in the garden.

We are looking at the enchanted garden of Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator. At the bottom of the image, a green grassy ground is shown, on which numerous plants of different colors and shapes grow. On the right side, there is a magnificent tree with a thick brown trunk and many green leaves, which can still be seen in the crop above. In front of the tree and on it grow different kinds of mushrooms. On the left side of the tree, we can see a green vine that has curved around a branch and is hanging down. On the right, many different varieties of plants and mushrooms are shown in the inventory.
The garden in Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator (Source: niceplay game/tinyBuild)


Experiment with the ingredients, but carefully

Don’t worry! In this game, you can experiment and brew at your own pace. There is no time limit. However, you should avoid the skull areas to avoid wasting your precious ingredients unnecessarily. So experiment with caution.


Do not use your Enchanted Papers carelessly

You can write down recipes for used potions on an Enchanted Paper, which the Fellow Alchemist sells. This way, you can look up and make potions instantly and save yourself some time. However, there are only a limited number of these papers available. It’s best to save them for regular potions, such as poison or healing potions. Over time, save up on these Enchanted Papers from the vendor.


Strong potions bring more money

In Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, there are weak, normal, and strong potions. The more accurately you place the bottle icon within the outline of the effect (on the map), the stronger it becomes. Of course, the stronger your potion, the higher the quality and the more money you can earn with it. Here you need to be very careful because even a small deviation can reduce the strength of your potion. So use the diffuser and stir your potion very carefully.


You can influence your reputation as an alchemist

As a careful alchemist, you think twice about who you sell your powerful potions to, and if necessary, you even shouldn’t sell them at all. In this game, you can decide whether you want to serve a customer or not if you suspect e.g. that he wants to do evil with it. In this way, you can build a good reputation among your customers. But be cautious, this also works the other way around.

We are standing at the counter again. A customer wants to sell us certain herbs and we have decided to haggle. On the left side of the scale the goods are packed in a brown bag and on the right side there are several stacks of gold coins. The scale is very unbalanced and the coins are going up a lot. Above is a large interaction menu with numerous buttons of different colors. There, on the top left, it says what product it is. On the top right there is a forecast, which gives information about the possible profit. Below that we see a large green button that says "Haggle!", which is where the player's mouse cursor is currently resting. On the left edge of the screen is the inventory with several different items and on the right, we can see our inventory with our stock.
Haggle in Potion Craft (Source: niceplay game/tinyBuild)


Using the water spout effectively

In the in-game tutorial, the water spout is given only discreet attention. It is primarily used to water down the potions. However, it also offers another very useful function. Experienced players know that you can use the water to optimize the accuracy of potion making as well as use it to navigate through difficult sections on the map, such as the Necromancy region.



The Potion Craft map with locations for the category ingredients

Redditor lurkingmurk, based on the preparation by player Sephiasus, has created this helpful map showing the locations of the ingredients for the different categories of potions. While this may be too much of a spoiler for some, other players with less time on their hands may enjoy this supporting visual for faster success in the potion business.

The Potion Craft map with all the marked locations for the ingredients of the potions. On the screenshot of the Alchemist Simulator map we can see the locations for the different categories of drinks. The background is light brown, with bushes and trees silhouetted in darker brown. Scattered on the map are icons including their labels such as Berserker, Charm, Levitation, Invisibility, Hallucination, Bounce, Explosion, Lightning, Light, Fire, Libido, Acid, Stoneskin, Poison, Base, Mana, Healing, Fast growth, Slowdown, Frost, Magical vision, Rich harvest, Sleep and Necromancy. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
The Potion Craft Map with locations (Source: lurkingmurk/Sephiasus/niceplay game/tinyBuild)


Do you want to switch back to the customer side?

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Speaking of guides, we have some more tips for you to start with a knowledge advantage in these titles:


Is there anything else that should be added to our list of tips for Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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