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Best PS5 Co-op Games: Our True Favorites on Playstation 5

Even Frodo needs his Sam to destroy the one ring. So why lone-wolfing when you can also go on the journey together?

Cooperative games become all the more valuable in the colder seasons. So if you are looking for such titles, maybe we can help. Lean back, and enjoy a coffee while having a look at our favorites of the best PS5 Co-op games.

Even in the best blockbuster movies, it’s quite rare that the hero’s journey happens on its own. Often, companions stand by their side to support them in their tasks. So we can gladly take an example from them. Grab your friend or partner, and find your adventure in our top 5 co-op games for PS5.


5. Diablo 3

The third installment of the Diablo series is a renowned hack & slash and action RPG. Set 20 years after the story of Diablo 2, once again the dark forces are at work and it’s up to you to save humanity from destruction. Master a full five acts and defeat hordes of beasts and nasty bosses in this dark game from Blizzard. Team up with friends and run through the numerous dungeons together. There is once again a lot of loot to collect and combine!

Take a look at Diablo 3. The hack and slash title from Blizzard can be played very well with friends on the PlayStation 5. Here we can see a screenshot of the game where two players are standing on a stone bridge fighting a group of beasts.
Diablo 3 (Source: Blizzard)


You can play the game in split-screen, local, or online co-op with up to three other players. It can be played for free on PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox 360, macOS and can be purchased for PlayStation 5 via PlayStation Store.


4. Elden Ring

In the brand-new action RPG from FromSoftware, you’ll embark on an epic journey to unleash the power of the Elden Ring. Experience numerous dungeons and tough enemies as you explore a breathtaking game world full of secrets in this Souls-like game. Call up to two other friends for help and face the numerous beasts and other players as a threesome in Co-op.

In the action RPG Elden Ring you can play one of the best PS5 co-op games together with friends, as illustrated here in this screenshot: Two players are currently fighting against a huge beast and trying to kill it with spell skills.
Elden Ring: (Source: FromSoftware)


You can play Elden Ring in online co-op with up to 2 other players. The title is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and can be purchased via the PlayStation Store.


3. Borderlands 3

If you are looking for Co-op PS5 games, you will surely like this one. The game was developed by Gearbox and published by 2K Games. The third part of the Sci-Fi first-person shooter once again provides us with a lot of humorous lines in the familiar cel-shading graphics style. The gameplay is fast-paced as usual, there are numerous side quests, and the campaign can be played by up to four players in Co-op. In this game, you have to stop the Calypso Twins Tyreen and Troy.

In this loot shooter "Borderlands 3" you'll complete numerous quests and fight against futuristic enemies, as shown here in this picture: A robot is running straight at the player, who opens fire on it. Enjoy playing one of the best PS5 co-op games in the Sci-Fi genre.
Borderlands 3 (Gearbox Software/2K Games)


The game supports four players in local and online Co-op. You can get it for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and macOS. It can be purchased for PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store.


2. It Takes Two

Among the best PS5 Co-op games, this one can’t be missing, of course. As the title suggests, you have to master a colorful, crazy adventure together with another person. Numerous tricky riddles and tasks await you. As a shrunken, quarreling couple, you’ll fight your way through numerous platforming tasks and gradually find your way back to each other. Besides the adventure, you’ll also experience a really touching story of the two main characters, Cody and May. A game that is highly recommended, especially for couples.

In It Takes Two you have to solve numerous tasks together with your partner, as illustrated here in this screenshot, where the two main characters are gliding down with a flower. Enjoy one of the special co-op PS5 games with this title.
It Takes Two (Source: Hazelight Studios, EA)


It Takes Two is a two-player Co-op experience. The title is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. You can purchase it via the PlayStation Store.


1. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

The zombie virus from Harran has now spread to the entire world. The sequel to the popular action RPG Dying Light is an open-world survival horror game. Experience the true post-apocalypse as you climb and jump across rooftops and facades alone or with friends. Slay or shoot zombies with numerous weapons that you can upgrade and modify. Help inhabitants and save humanity. Impressive fight scenes and thrilling moments await you in one of the best PS5 Co-op games out there.

Jump across rooftops with friends and fight hordes of zombies in one of the most notable co-op games for PS5. Here we see a screenshot from Dying Light 2: Stay Human, where an enemy character is being kicked off a roof.
Dying Light 2: Stay Human (Source: Techland)


The post-apocalyptic game offers an online Co-op with up to three other players.  It is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You can buy it via the PlayStation Store.


Discover more exciting Co-op PS5 games

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Your favorite hit should not be missing. Is there a Co-op title that belongs on this list? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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